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About us ​

Forward Investment Holdings is a company that specializes in supporting investors from Israel during their purchase of single-family homes in the USA.

For the last 8 years, we have been operating with investors in the process of purchasing single-family homes in the US.

We are focused on leading markets in Tuscaloosa Alabama, Tampa Florida, and in Dallas Texas, where the location of the properties is Cherry Picking and requires both skill and professionalism. The investors who have marched with us have earned very successful investments.

The two markets have ranked in top places in the list of recommended places for real estate investments, and property owners enjoyed a significant increase in value (120%-150%), high cash flow and safe rent.

We continue with our success towards exploring new markets in the US, accompanied by investors from the US real estate market. 

We locate the properties and provide the entire professional envelope required for executing the transactions, enhancing the properties and renting them for the investors. 

We focus on providing reliable and professional support during the purchasing process and during the management of the property post- purchasing with the relevant professional personal in the US

House in Tampa Florida​

Year of  purchase: 2015
Purchase Cost: $ 124,000
Monthly rent from home: $ 1350
Annual return: 12%
The value of the property today: $ 179,000
Value increase percentage: 44%

Our services include:

1. General consultation on investing and locating relevant assets according to customer needs.

2. Advice and guidance for establishing the business infrastructure for the investor: establishing the LLC, opening a bank       

    account, financing options, required documents, taxation issues, etc.

3. Connection with Accountants in Israel and in the USA.

4. Connection with an American attorney in Israel to assist with the transaction.

5. Connection with a mortgage and financing consultant if needed.

6. Find suitable investment properties.

7. Connections with real estate agents in specific locations around the US. 

8. Connection with qualified building diagnostic companies.

9. Connection with asset management companies.

10. Connection with an ESCROW TITLE company to work on property ownership.

11. Connection with contractors for home renovation if needed.

12. Connection with US insurance companies.


House in Dallas, Texas

Year of  purchase: 2016
Purchase Cost: $ 115,000
Monthly rent from home: $ 1325
Annual return: 12%
The value of the property today: $ 171,000
Value increase percentage: 48%

why us

Pesronal experience

We are investors ourselves! 

We have proreites in Tampa and Texas so we know the processes from expeirnce not only by theori.

We choose assets carefully

We choose assets carefully
using the Narrow Picking method.

We are working with very good  markets in the United States right now.

pesronal consultants

We are not going to buy or sell you the property and we are not cutting off a coupon on the way. 

we are consultants that can help you buy the best property with the best potintial ROI.

very good roi

We can itreduce you a very good ROI for your money.

we are talking about  annual return of more than 10% from the rent you will get and more then 40% retern on the price of the house after you will sell it. 

House in Tampa Florida​

Year of  purchase: 2018
Purchase Cost: $ 125,000
Monthly rent from home: $ 1250
Annual return: 10%
The value of the property today: $ 181000
Value increase percentage: 45%

About Moshe Hershko

Moshe Hershko, an experienced business consultant with more than 13 years in the business of consulting and 4 years in the US real estate market. 

Moshe will be happy to guide you to your prospective investment and share with you his knowledge and experience he has gained for a successful, profitable and safe investment!

moshe hershko

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